Jewelry Care and Cleaning

What are the best ways to clean diamond jewelry? 

Diamonds get dirty, This is partly because they have an affinity for grease and oils. Dirt can have a very negative effect on a diamond's appearance. Jewelry stores usually have an ultrasonic cleaner and a steam cleaner, both are safe for most diamonds, but ultrasonic cleaning might harm the filling in some fracture-filled stones. The best and safest ways to clean your diamond jewelry at home are a soft brush and warm soapy water, lint-free cloth or microfiber cleaning cloth. 

What are the best ways to clean colored stones jewelry? 

Colored stones don't attract grease and oils the same way diamonds do. Even so, handling them will make them dirty. Ultrasonic cleaners can affect stones with low toughness. Also, fracture-filled gemstones like treated emeralds can be damaged in these types of cleaning machines. The cleaning solution itself can also cause problems with certain stones. Some safe cleaning methods for your colored stones jewelry include warm water with mild detergent-free soap and soft toothbrush (or cosmetic brush for pearls), lint-free cloth or microfiber cleaning cloth. 

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Do chemicals damage gems?

Lotions, perfumes, cosmetics, hair spray, and cleaning products-especially ammonia-can easily damage soft organic gems. Any acid, even diluted, will damage organic gems like pearls. To avoid accidental contact with pearl jewelry, any hair spray or perfume should be applied before pearls are put on. Non-organic stones stand up better to chemicals, but it's always a good idea to remove jewelry when using cleansers or solvents. Chlorine can attack gold alloys, and acids can sometimes etch gemstones. Take your fine jewelry off before taking a swim. 

Gemstones will keep their beauty with proper care. In this chart below GIA has provided valuable tips on some of the popular gemstones care and cleaning. Correctly identifying the gem material you are cleaning before you begin working on it is critical to proper care and will save from inadvertently harming the stone.


  • Avoid extreme temperatures, moving between excessive cold and hot temperatures can cause damage especially to your colored stones and organic stones jewelry. 
  • Harmful and sharp objects will damage and scratch your jewelry especially the ones with rare gemstones that need special care.
  •  Hardness and toughness are two different properties; hardness means resistance to scratching, toughness means resistance to breaking, chipping or cracking. Any stone, including diamond, will fracture if it’s hit hard enough in the right place. 


Source: Gemological Institute of America