Welcome to AYA GEM! 

Artin Boghosian, the founder of Aya Gem, is a diamond and jewelry expert with over 12 years experience in the industry. Artin is a GIA Graduate Gemologist, HRD Antwerp Graduate Rough Diamond Appraiser, designer and jeweler!  He is also a diamond broker, supplying directly B to C. 

I do not intend on just making or selling products, I intend on creating unique pieces with each and every single order while also making sure that I am helping and informing my clients to make educated decisions, making sure that this process will create a good experience for everyone! - Artin B
GIA - Gemological Institute of America 
AGS - American Gem Society 
AJA - Armenian Jewelers Association
JBT - Jewelers Board of Trade
HRD Antwerp - Belgium