Warranty - Terms & conditions 

AyaGem offers a 12-month warranty for all of our products. Each item comes with a warranty card indicating the purchase date and the item reference number. By scanning the barcode on your warranty card you will be directed to this page where you can find the terms and conditions of our warranty service. 

Please note that the natural characteristics of each gemstone, including diamonds and colored stones, are not considered a defect. The natural inclusions, if any, are parts of each gemstone’s nature and they’re not removable or repairable. We give a full description of each creation, giving you full information to help you make a confident purchase. 

Most of our gemstones are certified by GIA or other internationally well known gem laboratories. We can also provide an official appraisal for any of our creations upon request. Certificates and appraisals disclose the type and nature of each gemstone. 

Please note:

All warranty services are only available for the person who purchased the product.
Repairs that are done by someone other than AyaGem invalidate the warranty.


Our warranty terms and conditions are as detailed below, please contact us with any questions or concerns. 

  • We offer complimentary cleaning and inspection for your jewelry which includes tightening any loose gemstones, cleaning, polishing, and rhodium plating.
  • We do offer complimentary repairing or replacing service for broken bails and locks.
  • AyaGem warranty covers discoloration of metal parts for up to one year. 
  • Some types of jewelry, especially rings, are not protected from normal wear. They may get damaged during your daily activities. We encourage our customers to take care of their jewelry properly. Our warranty does not cover damages caused by normal wear, however, we are ready to repair any damaged jewelry at a fixed cost. Please contact us directly and we’ll let you know about these costs. 
  • Aya Gem warranty does not cover discoloration of gemstones due to exposure to chemicals, swimming, etc. Each item includes care and cleaning tips which should be taken into consideration before being worn. 
  • Our warranty does not cover lost or broken gemstones, bent, or mashed parts.
  •  Our warranty does not cover shipping, handling, and insurance fees, these are costs that may apply upon receiving an item. Once we are finished with cleaning or repairing an item that has been sent to us we will leave an invoice for the shipping and insurance cost, once the fees are paid we will ship them back to the customer. 
  • Our warranty does not provide coverage for lost, stolen, or destroyed jewelry. 
  • We confidently believe in our products and that they're free of any sort of manufacturing defects. If for some reason a defect has been notified by the customer you may contact us for return and inspection. Once we receive the item back we will inspect it to determine the cause of the defect, if the defect is determined that was not caused by any manufacturing incidents then we will notify you of any repair cost. Please understand that shipping and insurance costs may apply in these cases. 


 Aya Gem