Custom Orders

The founder of Aya Gem Artin Boghosian is an expert jeweler with over 12 years experience in the industry!
He’s a GIA Graduated Gemologist, jeweler and designer. He’s also a certified appraiser of rough diamonds, graduated from HRD Antwerp, Belgium
Artin is a member of well known gems & jewelry organizations such as GIA, AGS, JBT, Rapaport.
I would love to personally work with you to create a piece of jewelry that is entirely and thoroughly YOU.  -Artin
  • For custom orders please book a consult appointment. We will help you throughout the process to meet all your expectations. To start, please fill out the form below and explain in a few words the type of jewelry you're willing to order, for example, "engagement ring",
  • or contact us directly at  (818) 405 7632.

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