Super deep diamonds

Gemologists love inclusions! They play a big role in identifying and understanding diamonds’ nature. 

Most Diamonds come from about 140-220 kilometers (90-140 miles) deep in the earth. Inclusions trapped inside the diamond during their formation are actually a snapshot of what happens inside our planet. This is a depth that we can't reach so diamonds are a very valuable way to see what’s happening down in the earth. 

Two main diamond host rocks are peridotite and eclogite and a lot of inclusions that we see in diamonds directly reflect these host rocks. They’re actually minerals from these host rocks. 

There are also diamonds that come from deeper down in the earth 400, 500 or even 800 kilometers - called super deep diamonds. The amount of pressure and

temperature in these layers of earth for some minerals become unstable and new minerals form. So changes to the mineralogy of both of the host rocks cause new types of minerals appearing in diamonds. 

 By analyzing a diamond we can actually see how deep this diamond is coming from and what kind of geological environment has been present at the time of formation. 


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